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Donnie Reid

General Manager/Alternate Ground Supervisor

About our Leadership Team

Donnie is in charge of regulations and training development within 3 Points in Space Media Ltd.

Donnie is co-owner of 3 Points in Space Media Ltd. His main focus in the company is Strategic Planning and Business Development, basically developing and managing a road map for the future of 3 Points. Along with this planning he is focussed on the short-term ensuring that 3 Points is current with all upcoming regulations and training development.


His love of flying dates back to his early teens, when he learned to fly. He soloed on his sixteenth birthday; then getting his commercial pilot’s license a few years later. So owning a UAV company came naturally to him. He sees a rapidly expanding market for aerial imaging but a market that will require attention to detail as flying and privacy regulations are developed by governments to meet the demands of the public.


In 2004, Donnie became involved with the Pavilion Lake Research Project, a NASA astrobiology project – looking at microbialites on the bottom of Pavilion Lake BC as bio-signatures for life on other planets. In 2008, he became the Project Manager, leading the Project forward with the use of submersibles to explore the depths of the lake. The Project grew from 15 people in 2004 to over 70 people in 2014. During that time, there were over 50 scientific papers published and 20+ PhD students passed through the Project. The Project won NASA’s award for excellence in 2012.


In 2016, Donnie managed a project for Nuytco Research Ltd to build a work-class remotely operated vehicle (ROV). This was a large underwater vehicle that has a working depth of 2 kilometres. Donnie oversaw the project and was the liaison with the federal government funding agency, IRAP. The all electric vehicle is a major change in the world of undersea vehicles, moving from hydraulic-electric to pure electric. The machine now becomes oil-less and can work in waters where any contamination is prohibited.


Managing large, successful projects and jobs has been a major part of his life. His successes have been capped by awards from NASA, a fellowship in the Royal Canadian Geographic Society and fellowship and Citation of Merit from the Explorers’ Club of New York.

Let us know about your next project – let’s make your plans a reality.