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Nick Wilkinson

Project Management

About our Leadership Team

Nick has over 14 years of project management experience in environmental protection, exploration science, and software development. He loves building adventures and software that matters.

After receiving a degree in Mechanical Engineering (BASc) from the University of British Columbia, Nick began his career by designing rapid-response oil spill containment systems for applications in heavy industry.


While completing his studies in Mining Engineering (MASc) at UBC, he followed his life-long love for space exploration to cooler climes where he managed a remote research outpost in the Arctic for NASA and the Canadian Space Agency. There, he coordinated logistics for hundreds of scientists, engineers, doctors, and military personnel, enabling them to test prototype spacesuits, rovers, and procedures that may one day be used to explore the moon and Mars.


During that time, Nick also conducted his own research into requirements for wayfinding and mission planning software. The software he developed was ultimately used to help track and route simulated pressurized rovers in NASA-led Mars exploration scenarios in the Arctic and at Black Point Lava Flow in Arizona.


Soon after, Nick was invited to participate at NASA’s Pavilion Lake Research Project (PLRP) as a scuba diver on the operations team and as an exploration science consultant. Impressed by the large volume of data being generated by the project, Nick created a ‘citizen science’ initiative called MAPPER where the general public could learn about and help contribute to PLRP’s science mission via the Web (informational video). By the end of the project, MAPPER had enabled thousands of participants from around the world to analyze over 1 million high-resolution images, identifying features of interest at the bottom of Pavilion lake.


Nick currently works as a project manager in the heritage sector, coordinating teams of world-class experts in the field of long-term digital preservation for clients such as the United Nations, NATO, the World Bank, and the Rockefeller Archives Center. He also writes about project management on his blog, The Reluctant PM.


Nick provides consulting services to 3 Points regarding digital strategy and digital asset management.

Let us know about your next project – let’s make your plans a reality.