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Sean Adams

Owner/Chief Pilot

About our Leadership Team

Sean is the Owner of 3 Points in Space Media Ltd. As 3 Points’ Chief Pilot, he oversees all areas of responsibility regarding flight operations, planning, technical development, including pilot qualifications and training. He still loves to be in the field flying any time he can!

Sean has accumulated extensive flight hours on various UAVs. He presently holds numerous Special Flight Operations Certificates (SFOCs) from Transport Canada for Western Canada; and is in the process of acquiring SFOCs for the rest of Canada. As the Chief Pilot, Sean has completed all training in accordance with Transport Canada’s regulation TP 15263E (08/2014), which covers knowledge requirements for Pilots in Command of Unmanned Air Vehicle Systems, UAVs 25kg or less that are operating within Visual Line of Sight (VLOS). Sean also holds a current FAA Part 107 Unmanned Systems Pilot’s License in the United States.


Sean’s enthusiasm for archaeology and the great need for precise mapping on archaeological digs and expeditions refined his focus for survey work. He has developed a special set of survey skills for the mapping of both terrestrial and underwater sites. His proficient in using both manual and remote sensing methods for surveying has allowed him to make major contributions to archaeological projects in BC, Yukon, Alaska, and SE Asia. This is Sean speciality, collecting data via remote sensing and turning it into timely and useable information for the decision-making process; he loves the challenge.


One of his favourite projects has been working in the Yukon as a surveyor on the Yukon Gold Rush Steamboat Surveys. Last year as a keynote speaker, Sean presented the team’s findings from the Survey at the Vancouver Maritime Museum for the Underwater Archaeological Society of British Columbia. This expedition was a perfect fit for Sean where his love for maritime archaeology grew out of 17 years of scuba diving on the BC Coast, along with his talent for surveying and mapping.


His ability to handle large scale operations comes from years running and owning his own automotive service businesses. He grew his last operation to include 40 employees and $3plus million in annual sales. He is no stranger to managing people, staying current with the latest trends in technology and hard work. So a drone company that specializes in aerial surveys was simply a natural progression for him.

Let us know about your next project – let’s make your plans a reality.